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Agyal for fine napkins

Benghazi - Libya






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We are so proud of our successes so far, it's a result of the inherent values ​​, these values​​, which focused on innovation, perseverance, integrity and commitment to quality. Our distinctiveness is clearly visible. The growth of our company had a larg trip since 2005, we started to manage a very small company to a large company known among the companies we are putting our values ​​and Mpadaúna above all else and this is reflected in all our actions and Parwatna, sincerity, creativity and modernity and concern for the welfare of the community and provide the best and excellence quality that's all What strive for alternative Anrdy him. All of this is by the grace of God Almighty, we always keep God in front of our eyes and the reason for our success, and also what we get to where we are now, but thanks Almighty And not for the concerted efforts of all in our community of suppliers and employees, partners and customers and workers, engineers and technicians to come to this progress and achievements and look forward with the participation of those loyal to achieve greater successes, and we hope everyone fruitful cooperation between us .